Fee Guide

Grant, Subsidy, & Tax Deduction Information

Affordability Grant

  • $75/month grant already included in pricing on the fee guide below
  • no approval process, automatic qualification


  • Your family may be eligible for an additional $125/month if household income is less than $180K
  • Check eligibility here
  • Apply up to 30 days before your start date

Tax Deduction


Swipe right on the pricing table to view the Registration/Supply Fee

Program Schedule Tuition Fee after grant Registration/Supply Fee
Discovery (Parented Class) Sat. or Sun. AM/PM $125/mo. (subsidy not applicable) $50 one-time annual fee
Scholars I Sat. AM/PM $110/mo. ($0 with subsidy) $175 one-time annual fee
Scholars II / Prep II Tues/Thurs. AM/PM $190/mo. ($65 with subsidy) $225 one-time annual fee
Scholars III Mon/Wed/Fri. AM/PM $290/mo. ($165 with subsidy) $275 one-time annual fee
Scholars V Mon–Fri. AM/PM $520/mo. ($395 with subsidy) $295 one-time annual fee
Summer Program Mon–Fri. AM/PM Weekly Sessions See Summer Program page $25 Due Upon Registration
Extended Care Option extend care till 4:30PM (PM Schedule only) ask us for pricing info Free

Our fees can be paid with Credit Card, Email Money Transfer, or Pre-Authorized Debits. 

Types of Charges: 

  • Registration/Supply Fee:
    • One-Time annual fee due at the time of registration request. 
    • Covers the cost of registration, supplies & materials, field trips etc.
    • Non refundable once a spot has been secured for your child
    • Fully refundable if availability cannot be confirmed for your child
    • If your location/schedule preferences are not available,  you will be added to the Standby Waitlist for the requested schedules
    • You can remove yourself from the Standby Waitlist at anytime and your registration fee will be refunded minus a 5% processing fee.
    • If a spot is offered to you and it is not accepted, the Registration/Supply Fee becomes non-refundable
    • we incentivize you to notify us as soon as possible if you no longer wish to be on the waitlist so we can keep the waitlist accurate when reporting it to others
    • Sibling Discount
      • We will apply a 25% Discount on the Registration Fees in the form of a bill credit if two or more siblings are enrolled in the program at the same time for all children excluding one child with the highest fee.
  • Tuition Deposit
    • Due at the time of securing a spot
    • A Tuition Deposit in the amount of one (1) month of tuition will be charged (before subsidies and grants) to secure your child’s spot in the program
    • The Tuition Deposit will be held by The Program and returned to you in full at the end of the school year along with any excess subsidy/grant payments received on your behalf
    • The Tuition Deposit is fully refundable, minus a 5% processing fee, if you cancel your registration for any reason in accordance with our our withdrawal policy
    • If the withdrawal request is not received in accordance with the withdrawal policy, the Tuition Deposit is forfeited and becomes non-refundable
  • Monthly Tuition Fee:
    • Due on the 1st of every month
    • Non-refundable
    • Monthly Tuition Calculation
      • Please note tuition is calculated as an annual amount and divided into 10 equal payments for your convenience. Therefore, the monthly amount does not change according to number of instructional days in any given month
  • Other Fees that may be charged:
          • NSF or Late Payment ($50)
          • Late Pick-up ($1/minute for the 1st incident, $3/minute for the 2nd incident, $5/minute thereafter)
          • Field Trip Transportation (Varies by school year, budget about $20-$30 per school year)

Withdrawal Policy

JumpStart Junior Kindergarten is a 10-month program from September-June. We request a commitment from parents for the entire 10-month term as our program works just like the public-school system and not like a daycare or playschool where kids are just cycled in and out year round, but we do understand that some circumstances may require you to withdraw early.

If you wish to withdraw from the program, at least one calendar month’s notice prior to the 1st of the month is required to be eligible for a Tuition Deposit refund minus a 5% processing fee.*see withdrawal policy exception below

For example, if you need to withdraw in November, we must be notified before October 1st. Failure to provide the required notice will automatically forfeit your Tuition Deposit. 


Withdrawal Policy Exception

Please make special note: if the withdrawal date is on or after January 15th, you automatically forfeit your Tuition Deposit whether or not the required notice is given.


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