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Early Learning Academy

Program Overview

Sharon, our Program Director, runs through our programming, daily routines, and more...

Prep Program overview  @ 0:35

Scholars Program overview @ 6:15

Daily Routine overview  @ 12:35

Table Time activities overview  @ 39:05

Play with Purpose activities overview @ 43:40

 Review & Practice / Progress Reports / Other Info @ 50:25

Wrap-up @ 56:40

Review our Fees and Withdrawal Policy

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Review information about the Government of Alberta Subsidy of $125 per month if you qualify. Contact us if you require assistance.

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Review information about using our fees as Child Care Tax Deduction on your CRA tax return.  Contact us if you require assistance.

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Review information about each location including schedules and pickup/dropoff times.

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Review answers to common questions related to our programming and administration

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Review our Parent Handbook for important information about our policies and procedures

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Check out unfiltered parent experiences consolidated from Google and Facebook

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Explore our classrooms with a Virtual Classroom Tour

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Need full time care and/or transportation?

Transportation to and from daycares/dayhomes can be arranged.  

Go to our specific location pages to get a list of facilities offering full-time care with transportation to and from our facility.