Payment Options

Option 1 (preferred): Pre-Authorized Bank Debits (PAD) 

Convenience Fee:  $0

Set up AutoPay (PAD)

Option 2: Credit Card 

Convenience Fee: 3.4%

One-Time Credit Card Payment

AutoPay with Credit Card 

Option 3: Email Money Transfer (EMT) 

Convenience Fee: Free* 

*Please note, missing or incorrect information will result in a $5 admin fee added to the invoice per occurrence

EMT Instructions:

Send to:  billing@jumpstartlearning.ca  (no password required)

Message Section: Include the following in the ‘EMT message’ section to avoid admin fees*

Payment ID / Child’s Name      example: myemail@test.com / Christopher Robin

(PaymentID located on the invoice header in the ‘billing address’ section, please copy and paste to avoid errors)

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