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JumpStart Learning Centres have been highly ranked in Edmonton among parents and media.
Amazing program, the teachers go above and beyond to make each child's experience a special one! They will truly be missed now that the school year is over.
Alex M.
We could not be happier with our experience at Jumpstart. Our daughter is a little shy and they made her transition to preschool as smooth as possible. The teachers are all wonderful and she loves going to school every day. I’m so impressed with how much she has learned and know that she is going to be so much better prepared for kindergarten having gone through this program.
Laura C.
Absolutely love the preschool! The curriculum is so enriching and the staff is very friendly. Too bad my daughter's year was cut short due to the pandemic but the at-home learning packages were so helpful and well planned. My daughter enjoyed going there. The summer camps are also fun and educational. I would 100% recommend it to everone.
Hina A.
Great preschool for kids to start with. My son absolutely loved it. Excellent teachers with great knowledge .
Shane P.
Awesome program! It was really structured which helped my son know exactly what to expect each day. His confidence has grown so much since being in the program. I loved the progress reports and field trips and small class size.
Ashley W.
My daughter attended the program in Callaghan. We had a great experience. She learned so much this year and it was so well organized. The teachers were great and she loved them.
Heather M.
I am so pleased with the results from Jumpstart! My son went through the 3 and 4 year old program , and is presently in Kindergarten doing excellent! His teacher has mentioned that a great foundation is noticeable in performance. My daughter has also gone through the 3 year old program and is almost completed the 4 year old year. She is doing well and I am excited to see her excel in Elementary school!
Shuranda A. H.
Excellent preschool! Small class sizes where children can excel with more one on one time with the teacher.
Lenore C.
Very pleased with the curriculum. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, the centre has provided a safe space for the kids to learn, without compromising on quality of education:)
Prarthna N.
Our kids loved the “at home packages” that were created. Thanks for all the support!
Erin J.
Very impressive program. The owner is great! Excellent teachers!!
I sent my son to this program when he was just a little over 3. We were amazed at how much he learnt in such a short time. Great program, and great teachers. Highly recommend.
Lakshmi Prasad C.
So much careful thought and attention put into activities and especially for the kiddos preparing for kindergarten...my son received every experience he would get in kindergarten...even a bus ride and a stage performance! Staff are loving and caring and very understanding of the kids feelings. I cannot thank JumpStart enough for what they have given our son...he is confident and ready for kindergarten!
Sal M.
It's great programme to get your kid ready for kinder garden Great teachers
Sarbjit M.
Great learning space, great teachers, my son loved it there! Also he really enjoyed the summer camps.
Nadia A.
There are no words to describe how amazing Jumpstart has been. The class sizes are smaller which makes learning more 1:1 and personalized. Teachers create fun ways to teach, always keep you up to date on progress, and most importantly, each day provide pictures and videos for the parents to see how the day went. I highly recommend Jumpstart to anyone looking to put their child in preschool.
Christine G.
My little guy arrived at JUMPSTART in his shell. I watched him blossom. His speech has improved. Confidence soared. His social skills have softened to a kinder nature. He began to learn to read. The teachers are loving and caring. They are able to connect with your child in a way a parent is not always able to. The most confirming part was having my niece visit who is 5.5 and seeing that my son was further along academically. Wow. Great job JUMPSTART.
Adri E.
Very excellent pre-kindergarten program! After spent the whole school year with Jumpstart, my son has been successfully enrolled in Cogito program.
Zhen L.
Great preschool. My son absolutely love the centre and the amazing teachers! Highly recommended.
Angi A.
I have two of my kids registered at Jumpstart, and I am pleased with the curriculum. Especially during early pandemic that they provide very helpful packages to support my children's learning. I highly recommend.
Paresza C.
We are so thrilled with the school. The teachers and curriculum can’t be matched. She amazes us everyday with her knowledge. Thank you for being awesome!!
Deanne W.

Our Story

JumpStart's founder, Sharon, has been with the public school system for over 20 years teaching in the classroom and acting as a Consultant helping schools and teachers with Early Language Learners.

Shortly after obtaining her Bachelor of Education from the UofA in 2002, Sharon began her career with the Edmonton Public School system.  She developed a passion for teaching the ‘Early Years’ students and it led her to complete her Master of Education in 2012 at the UofA focusing on Early Language Learners.   

While on maternity leave with her first child, she founded Jumpstart Learning Centre in 2013.  Here’s how…

Sharon and her husband, Gary, welcomed their first child in 2012.  While on maternity leave, Sharon was a part of a local Mom’s group and they routinely got together to participate in various social activities with their kiddos.   A common complaint amongst the Mom’s in the group was about the lack of quality preschool options that were more than just supervised play.  All the options marketed learning but lacked the substance and results.  This, coupled with her desire to prepare her own daughter for school, led her to create a service that would solve this problem using her passion, education, and experience, 

While still on maternity leave, she opened the very first Jumpstart Learning Centre location out of her home with just a handful of students to keep her busy, but not too busy!  She used her education and experience to create the perfect program that bridged the gap between preschool and Grade 1.  The curriculum uses a combination of both tried and true, as well as the latest research-based methods. The curriculum ties directly into the school system and builds the required skills & abilities as well as confidence to succeed.

When it came time for Sharon to go back to the school system, word had already gotten out about the program and there was a large demand from referrals and word of mouth… Parents just wanted her to continue offering this program.

Even though Sharon had planned to return to the school system, she didn’t want to let down all these parents in the community. As a solution, she decided to create a standardized curriculum, lesson plans, and a training program to be able to show others how to deliver the Jumpstart program.  Sharon knew there were key pillars of the program that could not be compromised such as:

  • Small class sizes
  • Separation of age groups
  • Structured environment
  • Individualized Programming
  • Play with Purpose and Intentional Approach
  • Meaningful Student Assessment

She hired the first outside Educator in 2014. Later, an opportunity to open a commercial location presented itself and the rest is history! 

She now sits on the Board of Directors of Jumpstart Learning Centre and routinely tweaks the program and ensures the Educators are trained and delivering the programs original vision.

Company History


Idea for the Jumpstart Program is born




Jumpstart curriculum is standardized and first outside Educator is hired



Jumpstart Learning Centre Ltd is incorporated

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