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Our preschool program provides high quality Early Childhood Education. Students build a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and social skills.

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Research shows that children who received quality pre-kindergarten did better in reading and math than kids who spent the year in daycare, with relatives, or in some other kind of preschool.

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JumpStart Learning Centres have the most positive reviews in Edmonton, ranked among the Top 3 preschools in Edmonton by 3rd party. We’re proud to say our parent expectations are consistently exceeded as evidenced by the reviews. All our parent experiences are unfiltered from Google, Facebook, and direct responses. Check out even more parent experiences here.

Good starting for kids to learn... very friendly staff teachers. My daughter loves to go the preschool.
Rachna P.
Jumpstart is truly a great place for children to start their educational journey. The program is very well structured, the teachers are amazing and the environmrnt is very nurturing. Our son loved his time at the school and has learned so much. The program has created great foundation for his learning. Not to mention the effort and passion that were put into the awesome at home program, which was created almost immediately after the lockdown started, is indicative of Jumpstart's dedication and professionalism in early childhood education. I can't recommend them enough to parents.
Padideh M
My son went to Jumpstart for two years and it's been really great for him. He is pumped to start Kindergarten in the fall. Owners Sharon and Gary were always fantastic. All Teachers were extremely patient even when my son would have a rough behavior day. He definitely picks up and brings home a lot of things he learns from school like being a "bucket filler" and singing songs. The small class size was really great for individual attention for the kids. Thank you Jumpstart! Highly recommend and hopefully our youngest will be able to go next year!
Kristin B.
Love the small class size and structured play. Ms Amanda and Ms Shannon both are lovely and nice teachers. My kid learned a lot and I am very confident he is ready for kindergarten.
Yang Y.
Our son attended jumpstart and had a great time. Classes were small and the teachers were great!I’d highly recommend!
Carla S.
We are really grateful that our friend referred us to their program. We love that they are very structured and have smaller size classes. They also keep you up to date with your child’s progress. Our daughter had so much fun and learned a lot during her Saturday classes. We highly recommend them!
Ruth A.
My son's numeracy and literacy skills improved a great deal when he joined Jumpstart. His desire to learn also increased and he always looks forward to going there. I really like the structure and how the teachers pay great attention to the kids' educational needs. Jumpstart certainly provides very high quality early childhood education and I would strongly recommend it to any parent.
Chike A.
I could go on forever about how much we loved having our daughter at Jumpstart. Initially, I wanted my daughter to go to the same preschool my son did but they didn’t have the program anymore. Jumpstart popped up on Google and we decided to give it a try. Turns out, we absolutely loved it! The teachers were absolutely amazing, you can tell they really care about your children and their education. Not only that, the prices are so reasonable. My daughter learned SO much in her time there, I am blown away! I highly recommend jumpstart for your child’s education!
Chelsea K.
The best environment for your young ones to have their early childhood education experience at. We were impressed at the rate our daughter has been growing since the start of her classes. We are eternally grateful to the teachers, miss Nicole and miss Serena, the program director Sharon for their guidance and care that the children were able to benefit from. Unfortunately Covid situation has shorten the school year but the amount of knowledge and experience my daughter was able to get out of the time spent there is amazing.
Ralph D.
The JumpStart Program has been a great find for our kids. The program is well structured, the teachers and all staff are fabulous, the facility is super clean and it's in a great location. Our kids have a great foundation for their learning because of this program. Pickup and drops offs were always full of excitement and stories and never any tears. I can't say enough good things about JumpStart its a true gem of Preschool.
Myrna M.
Very impressive program. The owner is great! Excellent teachers!!
This pre-school is fabulous. Staff are so kid friendly. My daughter has been in love with school and her teachers. Keep up the great work!!
Gurpreet V.
We are so thrilled with the school. The teachers and curriculum can’t be matched. She amazes us everyday with her knowledge. Thank you for being awesome!!
Deanne W.
Great program! Highly recommend!
Linda S
Great experience for my son! Teachers were professional, compassionate and kind. Learning tools were great to educate and give my son confidence. A wonderful stepping stone to prepare young kids to transition into Elementary.
Jennifer Y.
Our family HIGHLY recommend JumpStart at Connelly. Staff deeply cared about the children even when the pandemic shutdown occurred by offering their @Home program. The dedicated teachers helped my child appreciate learning and helped her build her confidence and skills development along with peers. Nowadays, she would often say that she misses going to JumpStart. Truly a worthwhile pre-school experience!
Emil Michelle B.
My daughter attended the program in Callaghan. We had a great experience. She learned so much this year and it was so well organized. The teachers were great and she loved them.
Heather M.
Jump start learning centre is a very good preschool and they provide a great learning environment for the kids. Mrs. Minhas was the teacher for my first daughter and she was really amazing and great. My second daughter went to Jumpstart for two years and she enjoyed it. All of her teachers (Mrs.Priya, Ms.Kaylee, Mrs.Karyssa and Ms.Amanda) were awesome and she enjoyed going to school. Their approach to the kids and their patience is unremarkable. I love everything about this school and will recommend it to all my friends.
dharsh S.
Very good place for my kids. My son learnt so much~love it! Highly recommend for 3 years up kids 👍
Our daughter loved jumpstart, we were surprised to see tremendous growth in her.Jumpstart is perfect combination of leaning and fun.Miss Nicole was good teacher, definitely recommended!
Neha S
My daughter really enjoys her time at Jumpstart. She learned a lot. She is always excited to go to her class. She has passed her cogito test for K. Thank u Jumpstart!
Veronica W.
My son enjoyed the Prep II course and both Miss Ashley and Miss Cynthia were so wonderful. I noticed my son became more confident and social. He's still shy but he definitely opened up and was having a great time. I appreciated the covid protocols they had in place and we felt very safe sending our son. There was great communication with the preschool, especially their app was great and user friendly. We plan on sending our child again for the scholars program. We highly recommend.I am editing my previous review: We love Jumpstart and my son enjoyed his second year in the Scholar III course. I am so proud of what he has accomplished. He is definitely ready for Kindergarten this upcoming Fall. I am so happy he attended here, everything was great. We love the teachers and my son will miss them, along with his friends. My son is writing and reading independently at level AA. Which is amazing. I plan to send my daughter here as well in the Fall.
Linda R
I have two of my kids registered at Jumpstart, and I am pleased with the curriculum. Especially during early pandemic that they provide very helpful packages to support my children's learning. I highly recommend.
Paresza Catanez A.
We loved Jumpstart - Callaghan location! We had such a great experience there from a parents and daughter's point of views. Miss Ayesha was so great with the kids. She is so warm and kind and gives great direction and attention to the kids. We would love for her to be the teacher for our second daughter as well when our youngest is ready for school. Some aspects we loved about Jumpstart are:- getting photo updates of activities the kids do in class via app (#1 reason we chose this place as other schools don't or rarely post pictures. It's great because we can talk to our child about the activities they did that day with them, as we can see some pictures during the class)- academic focus and socialization- homework for the kids, loved this as we wanted to start the habit of doing homework with our daughter- quarterly report cards- smaller group size so the teachers have more one on one time with the kids- easily able to communicate with the teachers via phone or through the Brightwheel app- parents don't need to do the volunteer work required from other schools (I know, sorry, but very busy parent here 😓)We cannot recommend this place enough! It was a great first choice for our daughter and will be chosen for our second child as well when she is ready!
Grace S.
My boy attend there and after couple of months I really saw improvement on him. Really happy with the center. Everything was perfect. Thank you
baby M.
I had the privilege of working for Jumpstart Learning Centre! I loved the opportunity to work with amazing coworkers, children and their families! I so enjoyed getting to watch the kids grow and learn everyday in various aspects! I was able to help teach them various subjects which always kept the learning interesting and fun!!
Karyssa J.
My 2 kids went to Jumpstart for 3 years. They both had great teachers. They learned so much and had a great time. I just want to say thank you so much for getting them ready for kindergarten.
Hande Senel M.
Jumpstart, chappelle location is a great place to send your little ones. Their teachers are extremely competent and professionally trained to teach the kids. The classroom environment is safe, clean, supportive and gives children the opportunity to grow. Amazing value for what you get. In addition the administration is professional and handles registration seamlessly. I am very happy with my experience and have already registered my second child. In addition I have noticed my child's academic skills improving leaps and bounds.Thank you Jumpstart chappelle for an amazing experience thus far.
Anusha U.
A wonderful preparatory program for children prior to entering the school system. Well-organized. Small teacher to class ratio. The program was very well thought out with a nice balance between essential basics and fun activities. My daughter enjoyed the variety of in-class and out-of-class field trips (ie: career day visits, yoga instructors, visits to dental clinic, Rutherford House). I also really appreciated that there was acknowledgement and celebration of many cultures and religions within our society. Early exposure is wonderful and creates understanding and tolerance at a young age. The teachers and teacher assistants were caring and attentive. Their patience and approach indicate they are well experienced with guidance and teaching of children in early childhood. The director is also wonderful and has put a lot of thought into this school. This was evident in the level of organization with the program, choice of activities, feedback of a child's progress, quality and variety of books available for children at the school, and even the choice of the school photo studio (who produced better photos than my son's elementary school [!]). We were particularly happy with the age-appropriate teaching and learning materials (which the director continued to graciously share with families during the pandemic). During the pandemic, the preschool showed wonderful grace and class. Reasonable options (both online and paper packages were offered to families which reflect that the schools truly cares about the students). Someone from the school even dropped off an at-home learning package for my daughter in the early days of the pandemic. (We don't even live near the school. So that, to me, says a lot.) Even though the pandemic created a lot of obstacles for all of us, my daughter has nothing but wonderful memories of the school and the people she met at the school. I am tremendously happy with her enriched learning experience and how much she has learned and developed since the start of the program. I feel fully confident that she will do very well with the start of kindergarten after attending Jumpstart Learning. * For any parents thinking about enrolling their child in a Cogito program, this program is modeled in a similar way and is a great start. *
F. A.
Our daughter has been going to the prep class since last year at the Ambleside location. We love it. Sharon is amazing. Her teachers, Ms. Laura and Amanda are very caring. My daughter has learned a lot at this centre. Even after COVID hit, they continued with at home programs that were so wonderful. It was more material than we we imagined. All the different props, tools, flashcards, dice activity, bingo games, clothespin identification games, math puzzles... the list is endless. I cannot imagine how they come up with so many "tools" in educating the young minds. Makes me wish I did my Pre K at this place when I was 3... oh well.. too late for that! Definitely a must for little ones if you want them to get a leg up in early learning. Sharon and Gary are always there to answer to your questions even about the Kindergarten options and any other questions you have. Ms. Amanda is very sweet. She will always update us on what our child did during the class and she remembers every child, which is an achievement in itself. She is very caring. My daughter's face lights up when she sees her so I know she is happy there which is what counts the most..
Monica G.
I had an amazing experience with Jumpstart....my daughter from day one was made so comfortable, and welcomed. Highly recommend to parents.
Maqdia R.
Son improved in his counting and knowing his ABC.. Hope he's well prepared to begin Kindergarten.
Brian A.
My daughter recently attended several summer camps at Ambleside location. She loved all of them and especially Miss Ashley. Miss Ashley spent a lot time and talked about interesting things with kids even during snack/break time. She is really a nice and caring person. My kid still miss her now.
Weiqi S.
Both my kids have gone through their pre- school and jr. kindergarten programs when they were 3 and 4! They loved it and gained a lot from their two years spent at Jump Start.
Nese M.
We do love jumpstart especially Callaghan location. With 6 kids and 2 teachers in one class, it provides a cozy environment and help build more closing relationship. My daughter loves going to school every day. She didn’t know any phonics before going there but after a few months she can read books by herself and she loves reading! I highly recommend this place as I can see how big changes made on my daughter.
Weiqi S.
We absolutely love the program at Jump Start! The teachers are amazing, and the program itself is equally as amazing. Our kids learned so many important skills and had so much fun doing it!
I have had the privilege of working at Jumpstart over the past year. I’ve enjoyed every minute watching the students learn and seeing how much they have progressed through the year. Both Sharon and Gary provide so much support to their staff and make themselves available to answer any questions the staff may have as well as making sure the kiddos that attend Jumpstart have everything they need to be successful!
McKayla H.
Great teachers! They are very patient and kind to kids. Highly recommended!
Ivan W.
We only have wonderful things to say about Jumpstart. The higher cost is completely worth it. Not only do your children learn so much - reading, writing, socialization and life skills - the teachers are so caring and patient with your little ones. We will be enrolling our other child when it’s time!
Stacey D.
We love this place. Best education our little guy can ever get. The teachers are amazing. What our child was taught in the school year was far beyond what he would have learned elsewhere.
Ahmed T.
When I first enrolled my child, Sharon (the Director) and her teachers were very understanding and accommodating of the struggles parents encounter. Overall, my child had a great experience and I have already recommended several friends and family to Jumpstart.PROS:Education based: I justified Jumpstart’s higher fees as this program really focused on teaching my child through fun games/songs/dances/activities. My child LOVED going to school and I feel that Jumpstart really set the foundation for a lifetime of learning.Technology: Sign-in and sign-out is done on an iPad at time of drop-off and pick-up making it highly easy and efficient. Messages can be communicated between parents and teachers through a phone app or email. Monthly newsletters are sent out once a month, detailing exactly what your child will be learning and any important dates/events taking place in that month. The teachers send you pictures of your child taking part in the day’s activities (unexpected, but HIGHLY appreciated).Progress: You can view your child’s developmental progress through quarterly report cards which outlines exactly what skill your child has achieved with additional comments from the teachers. Jumpstart also hosts parent-teacher nights where the parent schedules an appointment to not only meet with the teachers, but witness the variety of topics they are learning as your child demonstrates first-hand the skills they have acquired at school.Parent’s Night: Awesome perk!CONS:Missed Classes: The Jumpstart program follows the public school schedule which results in one or two missed classes every month on top of stat holidays, spring break, winter break, PD days and even a snow day. Considering that classes hours are already fairly short and only twice a week, I felt that it was a lot of missed time for the high fees paid. It was especially hard for my child to adjust in the beginning.Extra Costs: Again, considering that the monthly school fees were much than other pre-schools we were considering, it was surprising that parents were expected to buy tickets to attend our own child's Christmas concert. The tickets were by no means expensive, but just the fact that we had to pay on top of already higher monthly fees was disappointing.Snacks: Jumpstart requires you to pack a snack and drink with your child every day. Not a big deal for me but I knew some friends who factored this in when considering different pre-schools in their area. Also, parents are expected to provide snacks or volunteer for every school party, including graduation. I found that it was always the same child providing the various snacks every month instead of it being a shared responsibility between all the children's parents. It would have been nice to see Jumpstart budget some of their extra fees towards the food for these parties as there were several restrictions to consider according to the allergies or food sensitivities for each classroom.Overall, the pros far outweighed the cons. My child thrived in the JumpStart Program, and therefore the extra fees were worth the care and quality of learning the staff put toward each child. The teachers were amazing (especially Miss. Kaylee) and helped to put my mind at ease. Sharon was easy to deal with, very understanding, and prompt in all her responses. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested.
Linda L.
My son grew exponentially over the course of 2 years, very highly recommend.The staff are awesome and dedicated to all they do. They are prompt about everything.Couldn't recommend highly enough, 10 stars!I must mention, there is also subsidy available and the remainder is a write off. Win win win!Thank you Ms. Amanda and Ms. Alisha for another amazing year.
Gerry D
I am so pleased with the results from Jumpstart! My son went through the 3 and 4 year old program , and is presently in Kindergarten doing excellent! His teacher has mentioned that a great foundation is noticeable in performance. My daughter has also gone through the 3 year old program and is almost completed the 4 year old year. She is doing well and I am excited to see her excel in Elementary school!
Shuranda A. H.
My daughter loved going to school. Very organized and made learning fun. All of the teachers were so kind hearted and great people. Highly recommend for a youngster to prep for Kindergarten. I feel that my daughter has literally been given a jump start.
Mandy T.
We could not be happier with our experience at Jumpstart. Our daughter is a little shy and they made her transition to preschool as smooth as possible. The teachers are all wonderful and she loves going to school every day. I’m so impressed with how much she has learned and know that she is going to be so much better prepared for kindergarten having gone through this program.
Laura C.
I have a older review of Jumpstart Learning Centre posted previously. I felt that I should provide a new review now that my daughter has completed her second year at Jumpstart and will start kindergarten in a few weeks. Jumspstart is a wonderful pre-school. The teachers and the curriculum are excellent. Our daughter grew leaps and bounds in the 2 years she was with Jumpstart. She learned so much and has put it to good use in her home life. We feel that Jumpstart has done a super job preparing her for he next big step. We are so satisfied that we will be sending our son once he is old enough to attend pre-school. I highly recommend Jumpstart for your own little ones. You will not be disappointed.
Justin D.
The staff members at Jumpstart Learning Centre are very pleasant and genuinely take an interest in your child's education. Due to the size of the classes, they are able to give individual attention to each child and will often provide feedback at pickup time about how your child's day was.There is no obligation to volunteer in activities, but you are welcome to join in on field trips or special indoor class activities. I have been to a few and quite liked it.There are Parent/ Student evenings where you can see and discuss your child's progress. Although we are encouraged to call or email at any time, it would be great to have a forum with not only the teachers of the school but also the Director to discuss plans for the school and any issues we might have.
Kimberley L.
My little one love this school. Keep it up guys.
My daughter attended this school at Ambleside for two years,she is now confident,able to socialize and enthusiastic about group activities i have seen a big change in her within these two years she has learnt alot,I really appreciate the efforts and dedication by Ms Ashley and Ms.Tess they put in every day their contribution is significant:) Ms Amanda also did a great job in her first year.the management and administration of the school also need appreciation I highly recommend this school for their educational and development orientation of a child
such M.
Very pleased with the curriculum. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, the centre has provided a safe space for the kids to learn, without compromising on quality of education:)
Prarthna N.
Jumpstart is an absolute fantastic program with amazing teachers! Our daughter did both their Pre-K and Kinder Program and loved going. Not once did our daughter not want to go to school. She learned to read so well. Overall it was a positive environment for her where she thrived and did amazing. We are excited to have our youngest join Jumpstart in the Fall and plan on keeping her there for 2 years as well.
Jessica A.
I found this learning center via word of mouth from another parent who had kids attended this place in the past. I started my child at Jumpstart in their Scholars program halfway through the 2021/22 school year. Despite of the late start, my child really enjoyed her classes there. The teachers (Ms. Brenna/Ms. Shelley) are amazing! They are really friendly and helpful. They have fun activities to help the class learn. I love the smaller class sizes. The exercises that were sent home kept my child engaged and helped us catch up. I love the Bright Wheel app they use too. It's super simple and handy to use for updates about my child and communicate back/forth with the teachers. Highly recommended.
Helen T.
Very excellent pre-kindergarten program! After spent the whole school year with Jumpstart, my son has been successfully enrolled in Cogito program.
Zhen L.
Our daughter is always excited to go and see Miss Amanda and learn from her. She loves all the other teachers as well. She has shown numerous signs of improvement in her learning ability and is very proud of her homework sheets she gets from the school.Communication from school has been great during COVID and otherwise.
Mill J.
My daughter and I both had a great experience at Jumpstart. I appreciated the fact that it is more academic based, at the end of the year my daughter could read! Such a better experience then the preschool I sent my first born. I feel she will be much better equipped for kindergarten.
Janelle B.
So much careful thought and attention put into activities and especially for the kiddos preparing for kindergarten...my son received every experience he would get in kindergarten...even a bus ride and a stage performance! Staff are loving and caring and very understanding of the kids feelings. I cannot thank JumpStart enough for what they have given our son...he is confident and ready for kindergarten!
Sal M.
Jumpstart was wonderful! My son learned so much and the program really started his introduction to education in the right way. He loved going to school and lived his teachers. The program truely prepares kids for kindergarten and makes them excited to learn.The only thing that I would change would be the excessive amount of time of that was taken. Considering the program was three days a week and at least once or twice a month there were some form of days off whether it be a PD day or some type of break. And considering the higher fees being paid it would have been nicer to have more days in class.
Lindsay W
The staff is doing everything for your kid to succeed! It made a big difference for my daughter, she learned a ton starting with simple letters and numbers to additions/subtractions and identifying easy words.
Daniel M.
Great preschool. My son absolutely love the centre and the amazing teachers! Highly recommended.
Angi A.
Great Teachers and good mgmt. Thank you
kavitha M.
This was an incredible, comprehensive program for our 3 year old. He got great one on one time with his teacher, learned so much in just a few months and made great friends! An all round positive experience.
titilope S.
I would highly recommend Jumpstart. My daughter joined this school in preschool. We have seen so much improvement in her in one year. Thanks to Ms. Brenna and Ms.Shelly. They are thoughtful, passionate and dedicated teachers.We are so grateful that we took this decision to send our daughter to Jumpstart !
Divya K.
It’s a wonderful place for the early learning kids.
tincy M.
Amazing preschool and amazing teachers my daughter now know how to read, write, making friends, and having fun 😊👍👍
Nesma Alhelou (.
We send both our daughters to Jumpstart and plan to send our son next. Best preschool tha adequately prepares them for schoo. Staff are professional and love the children.
Patricia D.
Excellent preschool! Small class sizes where children can excel with more one on one time with the teacher.
Lenore C.
Absolutely love the preschool! The curriculum is so enriching and the staff is very friendly. Too bad my daughter's year was cut short due to the pandemic but the at-home learning packages were so helpful and well planned. My daughter enjoyed going there. The summer camps are also fun and educational. I would 100% recommend it to everone.
Hina A.
The teachers, staff, and admin at JumpStart are INCREDIBLE!!! I am a teacher myself, and I have really high standards for my children's education, but they have exceeded my every expectation. The teachers LOVE the children and honor them as individuals; the small classes (max 12 students) makes it possible for them to really tailor their teaching to each individual student based on both their academic and emotional needs. My older daughter completed 2 years at JumpStart and she is already reading chapter books (and she will enter Kinder this year!) thanks to their incredible teachers. My younger daughter is only 3 but already knows all her letters and sounds - she will go to JumpStart again this year and I'm confident she'll be reading by the end of the year. I love how the teachers and admin make so much time to communicate with parents so I know exactly what's going on with my kid. When there was an unexpected staffing change, the owner, Sharon, personally called each parent to check in and explain. I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at this: if I could put my kids in JumpStart for all of elementary, I would. I have absolute faith in their curriculum and their teachers and really can't say enough good things about this school.
Sara G.
My son loved his time at Jumpstart Learning Centre. He learned so much and was reading independently by age 4. The teachers are fantastic and took the kids on fun field trips throughout the year. I would highly recommend Jumpstart to anyone looking for an academic program for their preschooler.
Adria R.
My daughter loves it
Liam C.
My daughter started with jumpstart learning at 4 years old. We were a little worried that it would take her a while to get used to its learning environment but she loved it right away. Her teachers were wonderful, kind, patient and knowledgeable and the teaching material were fun and easy to understand. But when the pandemic hit is when I was truly impressed with the jumpstart team; they put in countless extra hours to turn their lesson plans into weekly online packages free of charge. When everyone was panicking about their children’s education we rest assured knowing that our daughter would not fall behind in her learning and we will be forever grateful for all their efforts and hard work.
Farnaz A.
Jumpstart has far exceeded our expectations. Everything, be it the quality of the program, the teachers, the communication from the administration, their handling during the pandemic, have been fantastic. The fact that they make an effort to understand each child even before Day 1 and personalize the program accordingly as the year goes by and the regular feedback the parents get regarding the child’s progress, not just on academic terms but also regarding their social and emotional development, speaks volumes of the care and dedication that goes into the process which makes it a complete program. When your child is sad that the year is coming to an end, you know what a fun and an amazing learning experience it has been for them.
Sravya N.
Amazing program, the teachers go above and beyond to make each child's experience a special one! They will truly be missed now that the school year is over.
Alex M.
It's great programme to get your kid ready for kinder garden Great teachers
Sarbjit M.
We were very happy with our experience at Jumpstart (Chappelle)! Our daughter had so much fun and we really noticed a lot of progress with her learning. Today we asked her for her review: “I’m going to miss it a lot!”Highly recommended, and we do plan on enrolling our younger child there as well.
Patrycja S.
Great teachers with a well designed program. My daughter just loved it, enjoyed the whole experience and seems ready for her next step.........thanks !!
Amandeep S.
Jumpstart provided an amazing curriculum. The staff was so supportive in fostering love of reading and learning in my child. My kid looked forward to going to the school. Highly recommend it.
Prarthna N.
JumpStart is very good for preschool students. Within one year my son learned many things like A to Z, numbers, shapes, colours, days, months, vegetables, fruits names and many more... they have very nice techniques and skills. If you're looking for something for your little one then that's the place where he can learn and enjoy with other kids.Will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Garry and Sharon both personally take care everything.
Sandip P.
My 4 yr old son loves JumpStart. This will be our 2nd year going back and we are very excited. Few days ago, my son had an accessment for this year and I couldn't believe how much improvement he has made in a year (with all the Covid craziness! I must thank so much for their Home program as well during the lock down). The staffs are incredible. They are really devoted educators who love kids and knows the importance of early childhood education.What I love the most about Callaghan location is that they have such a small class size. Kids will have all the attention from their wonderful teachers and enjoy their class time. I highly recommend Jumpstart to anyone I know.
Such a great program for our daughter. She loved having such wonderful and kind hearted teachers, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Shannon. Definitely alot more structure and educational than having your child in a dayhome. Also she has built up her social skills, and has all the prep work done to truly enjoy Kindergarten in the fall! Thank you again for such a fun year!
Amber F.
My son loves to go to preschool, specially, the environment and the teachers are very friendly!
Jenny H.
My son loves going to class. He is in the Saturday class and asks everyday if it is Saturday yet. The teachers are great and level of learning is exceptional. Highly recommend Jumpstart Learning!
We enjoyed the staff and the year. We noticed he learned a lot and he always enjoyed going there to see his friends and have fun.
M S.
The program was a perfect suit for our requirements. It was fun, simple and effective. The hours aren’t too long nor too short and the teachers were very child-liking and connected well with my daughter.
Rakesh B.
Awesome program! It was really structured which helped my son know exactly what to expect each day. His confidence has grown so much since being in the program. I loved the progress reports and field trips and small class size.
Ashley W.
There are no words to describe how amazing Jumpstart has been. The class sizes are smaller which makes learning more 1:1 and personalized. Teachers create fun ways to teach, always keep you up to date on progress, and most importantly, each day provide pictures and videos for the parents to see how the day went. I highly recommend Jumpstart to anyone looking to put their child in preschool.
Christine G.
So far two of my children have been enrolled in jumpstart and when my youngest is old enough I’ll sign him up too! They learn so much and have lots of fun while doing it!
Kaitlyn C.
Jumpstart provided a great, positive learning environment for my children. The curriculum throughout the year is appropriate. The class sizes were small allowing for the teachers to give the children one on one time, building good relationships. Summer camps are wonderful as well. Absolutely recommend!
Amita K.
Jumpstart has been an amazing program for both of my children. I have tried other preschool programming and nothing compares to the incredible experience we have had at jumpstart. The teachers have great communication, small class sizes and the individualized programming that helped my 4 year old become a reader! I recommend Jumpstart to anyone looking to build the foundations of early literacy and learning.
priya P.
Our twin boys recently completed 2 years at Jumpstart Learning Centre and we could not have found a better preschool! We had concerns about one of our twins who was VERY passive compared to his overbearing brother. His speech was delayed and he would always allow his brother to answer his questions. When we began with Jumpstart we voiced these concerns and they took them to heart! Our "passive" twin A is now the loudest of our boys and always makes sure his opinions/answers are heard! He has also exceeded all expectations and grown further in his language and math skills than we could have dreamed of. The emotional growth, sharing skills, and overall language and math skills that both of our twins have developed is tremendous. Did I mention that they have Saturday preschool classes so working parents actually have the same opportunities as stay-at-home parents without losing income/benefits? Everything about Jumpstart is perfect and we highly recommend it for all parents in south/southwest Edmonton!!
Lester B.
Great school ! My son learned so much here the teachers were very friendly and organized. They had different themes each month and learned different letters with sounds and actions. Christmas concert was adorable too! Would definetly register my next kids here also. 5 stars!
Zul-Ikram had a great growth during 2021/2022 school year. He was able to achieve lots and had a great academic and social experience.
Mabayoje O.
I have had the privilege of working for Jumpstart for the past year and it has been an amazing experience! The kiddos have all been amazing and excited to be at school and the parents have all been supportive and engaged during the whole year. Both Sharon and Gary have been so supportive this entire year, and I cannot thank them enough. They are both very involved with any of the issues that arise, and go above and beyond to help both the staff and kiddos. Jumpstart’s programming will ensure your child will be prepared and succeed in kindergarten. Anyone that decides to send their child to Jumpstart will have an amazing experience, I cannot say enough good things!
Jessica R.
Our kids loved the “at home packages” that were created. Thanks for all the support!
Erin J.
My son has loved going to Jump Start in Chappelle. I was so nervous about him not wanted to go but he would ask everyday. He learned to spell his name his first few months of going and now I can't wait to see how he is at the summer camps!!
Victoria C.
We have had a great experience with our daughter in Jumpstart. The class sizes are small and the teachers are very caring. The communication between school and home is timely and helpful. The programming is well laid out and I see the development in my daughters skills and confidence. During COVID, Jumpstart has been very proactive. The options during the school closure and reopening were super. The at home learning made ongoing learning as easy as possible and kept consistency for the children. When the school reopened, I was very impressed by the care taken to keep everyone save while continuing the programming as best a possible. Would encourage others to explore the school program as kindergarten prep. We look forward to a second year with the program.
Sarah M.
I sent my son to this program when he was just a little over 3. We were amazed at how much he learnt in such a short time. Great program, and great teachers. Highly recommend.
Lakshmi Prasad C.
My daughter had a amazing experience at Jumpstart! It was so well organized and developmentally appropriate. The activities were so fun while also being educational! Also Teacher Ashley and Teacher Cynthia were lovely and so skilled and experienced with the kiddos. It was apparent they truly had a passion for their jobs and the kiddos that they were teaching. My daughter will be attending again this year and her siblings will also start her education at jumpstart as well.
Madeline F.
I have seen so much progress in my son's ability to count, literacy and social skills. The preschool program at Jumpstart gave me the confidence as a parent that my son's transition into kindergarten would be way smoother given all the strong foundational skills he gathered at Jumpstart. My son loves the teachers there especially Mrs. Sharon who paid careful attention to his needs from day one. He loved the program so much that he wanted to be at Jumpstart everyday. As parents we are highly satisfied with the program and recommend it to all parents. For us it is truly one of the best investments we have made in our son's educational path.
Andrea C.
Excellent facility with very friendly staff. Our daughter learned alot since attending and we plan on sending our son too. Highly recommended.
Deepak A.
My little guy arrived at JUMPSTART in his shell. I watched him blossom. His speech has improved. Confidence soared. His social skills have softened to a kinder nature. He began to learn to read. The teachers are loving and caring. They are able to connect with your child in a way a parent is not always able to. The most confirming part was having my niece visit who is 5.5 and seeing that my son was further along academically. Wow. Great job JUMPSTART.
Adri E.
The teachers were great with the kids and taught my daughter in a fun environment.The administrative staff was not as efficient as I would have wanted them to be.Overall it's a great institution for the little ones.
Zohra F
Great preschool for kids to start with. My son absolutely loved it. Excellent teachers with great knowledge .
Shane P.
The educators are so intuned with each child. They are able to reach the children in ways a parent may not and find that special inner light that allows them to reach their own full potential. My son has had major leaps this year. Thank you Jumpstart !!
Adrienne M.
Great learning space, great teachers, my son loved it there! Also he really enjoyed the summer camps.
Nadia A.
Awesome program, awesome teachers! A great place for kids to learn. My son's capabilities and skills over the year attest to that.
Omowumi I.
My daughter was always so excited to go to school. She learned so much and really loved her teachers! Highly recommend!
Kailey M.
My daughter went to Ambleside Red Room. This was her 2nd year in the program and we had nothing but positive experiences. Having the first year shortened due to COVID, the teachers and admin worked with parents to provide material for at-home learning. In the 2nd year I was happy to see that the entire year could be done in class. Ms. Amanda and Ms. Shannon were AMAZING! They provided all the tools to help my daughter excel in her learning. They were always so loving and caring, and knew how to work with all the kids. It was a tearful goodbye at graduation as we saw our kids and the teachers saying goodbye and celebrating the end of the year. I’m glad my daughter is prepared for kindergarten all thanks to Jumpstart. We’ll miss you Red Room teachers 💕
Mano N.
I would highly recommend Jumpstart’s preschool program. My son attended the 3yo program. It was a wonderful first introduction to school. Ms Amanda and Ms Shannon were kind and caring, and really nurtured the students in their learning. The lessons were fun and playful, but also structured so the kids could learn skills to get ready for school. Also, the COVID protocols at this preschool were exceptional, with extra cleaning measures, individual supplies for the kids, and protocols for drop off and pick up. We will definitely return next year, and I will be sending my younger kids when they are old enough.
Emily C.
I highly recommend Jumpstart ( Chappelle). The teachers are great!!
Harjiwanjot B.
Jumpstart has been such a welcoming & nurturing environment for my daughter. The program has been so functional yet fun for her. Teachers are wonderful and the small class sizes have allowed her to have one on one time but also an opportunity to learn & grow with others.
S. M.
I have so many amazing things to say about JumpStart. Not only did my son learn so much the whole family enjoyed the experience jumpstart has given us. Thank you all for what you have done for my child. He is so ready to take on Kindergarten
Victoria C.
We’ve had a wonderful experience with Jumpstart for our daughter! The teachers are excellent, the programming is well thought out and she has learned so much in her first year that I can’t wait to see her growth next year. I would highly recommend Jumpstart as a preschool.
Laura C.

Our Program is unique just like your child

Jumpstart your child’s education with our differentiated programming and proven results!

Discovery Program

Ages 2–3 (Parented)

Parents and their little ones attend a structured preschool classroom together and are led by a certified Early Learning Educator.

Enjoy engaging learning games and activities while your little learner prepares for his/her solo preschool journey the following year.

Students will be exposed to our regular curriculum alongside their parents and other parents/students from the community.  Parents will even pick up a few things!

Prep Program

Ages 3–4 (Solo)

Students focus on developing fine motor skills and developing letter/sound recognition.

Students work on daily worksheets and engage in centre-time activities that use hands-on exploratory materials to develop age-appropriate cognitive skills and critical thinking skills while fostering each student’s love of learning and creativity.

Students have fun while learning crucial concepts and skills.

Scholars Program

Ages 4–6 (Solo)

Students build upon their knowledge of letter sounds and apply them to reading and writing skills.

Daily lessons focus on alphabet letter and sound recognition, identifying beginning letter/sound of a word, sounding out cvc words (consonant, vowel, consonant), identifying and writing first name/last name independently, recognizing and reading basic sight words, and extending upon basic numeracy skills.

When ready, students participate in our home reading program using our ‘levelled home readers’ appropriate for their reading level.

Summer Program

Ages 3–6 (Solo)

The summer programs are led by the same Jumpstart Certified Teachers as our regular program. Prevent summer learning loss with fun and engaging activities!

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