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Transition to School

Your child's transition to school

Assist us with your child’s transition to school by speaking to them about school and showing them the classroom with the online virtual tour prior to starting class @ (self guided virtual tours coming soon) 

For now, you can show our pre-recorded virtual tour video so they get a feel for the classroom @ www.jumpstartlearning.ca/infopackage


If this is your child’s first time attending our classroom, we encourage you to go through our online virtual tour with your child to get them familiar with the space. This helps with the anxiety of the ‘unknown’ for your child’s first day of school. The more they feel comfortable and know what to expect, the easier the transition will be and the more confident they will feel.

Here is a checklist or recommended things to do to manage your child’s transition:

  • Attend the Orientation Evening the week before the first day with your child
  • Have your child attend the first week of school during staggered entry week and stay in the class for the first 15-20 minutes
  • Before leaving your child in the classroom, look them in the eye and let them know to have fun and you will be back to get them after class
  • Talk to your child about school and what to expect, show videos and the virtual tour of the classroom
  • Share any important information about your child with your child’s teacher at the orientation or first week of school
  • Create a routine around things you do before and after class
  • Develop a consistent and predictable farewell routine

Review additional resources to prepare your child for the transition to school:



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