JumpStart Learning Academy

2023/2024 Registration Package

Grant, Subsidy & Tax Info

Income Tax Deduction

Parent portion of child care fees may be used as an income tax deduction on your annual tax return with the CRA. Annual statements will be sent out during the month of February.

Consult your accountant and/or review CRA website here

Grant & Subsidy Information

  • A $75 grant will automatically be applied to each monthly invoice beginning the month you are starting and is already reflected in our fee guide section
  • An additional $125 subsidy is available to eligible families with household income of less than $180K, but will not be applied to your account until up to 45-60 days after your start date due to a government designed delay in us receiving the subsidy on your behalf.*

*How the $125 subsidy works:

  1. Apply online up to 30 days before your start date (You do not need to send us confirmation of subsidy approval)
  2. At the beginning of every month, we submit student enrollment data for the previous month to the Children’s Services office
  3. The Children’s Services office then sends us subsidy payments for the previous month within 14-20 business days for eligible students
  4. We receive and apply the subsidy payments to your account
  • Please note that based on this process, your first two invoices after the start date will not include the subsidy payments since we will not receive the funds for the month attended until 45-60 Days after your start date.
  • As the subsidy payments are received, they will be applied to your account and the amount of future invoices will be reduced.
  • After your final month, we will send subsidy credits back to you in the form of a refund.

Subsidy Application Guide

Some tips in filling out the application and to avoid a delay

  • On the subsidy application, make sure you select the correct location, it will be listed as ‘Jumpstart Learning – XXXXXX’
  • Ensure that the selected location is the one you will be physically attending in case you previously attended a different location. 
  • You will be required to estimate your monthly hours and fees before subsidies and grants:

o      M-F Schedule – 60 hours / $595 per month (Fees before subsidies and grant)

o      MWF Schedule – 36 hours / $365 per month (Fees before subsidies and grant)

o      TTH Schedule – 24 hours / $265 per month (Fees before subsidies and grant)

o      SAT Schedule – 16 hours / $185 per month (Fees before subsidies and grant)

o      Discovery – Subsidy not applicable

  • If you have already been approved for subsidy, you can log into your online Alberta account and check your status including the expiry date to see when you have to reapply.
  • If you need to make any changes, switch locations, or inquire about your existing application, you can do so through the online government portal @ https://applychildcaresubsidy.alberta.ca or by calling them at 1-877-644-9992
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